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Chuck's Food & Concession Inc (Ohio)

Employer Information:
Type of Business: Mobile food business
Employer Location: Across Ohio state. Base in Arcanum (Ohio)
Pay Rate: $65/day. Bonus ($25/week) will be offered to student who fulfills the contract in full.
Housing Cost: $40/week/person
Job Information:

Job Site:

Across Ohio state. Base in Arcanum (Ohio)

Arrival Dates:

June 25th – October 1st,. Earliest start: June 14th. Latest start: June 28th.
Program Length: 3 - 4 months

Position/Job Title:

Cook, Prep cook (general purpose job)

Starting Wage:

$65/day. Bonus ($25/week) will be offered to student who fulfills the contract in full.


No overtime. Might work 7 days a week, but no OT pay
Pay Frequency:  Bi-weekly 

English Skills Required:

Advanced. Able to understand/communicate well enough to take order from clients.

Gender Preference:

Both male and female.
Other Benefits:  $5/day meal plan provided. Covers 2 sandwiches, free drinks and fries. Any other food is half price. Students buy breakfast and keep in refrigerator. 
Work Uniform:  7 shirts, 5 aprons and 1 hat are provided by the employer. Cost: $50 
Arrival Pick-up:  Pick-up at Dayton airport/bus station. Should can upon making the connection to Dayton. 
Cost of housing: Rent is $40/week/person (deducted from paychecks).


Shared housing provided and mandatory. No deposit. Rent is $40/week/person (deducted from paychecks). Shared mobile homes furnished with sheets, pillows, kitchen equipment, air-condition, and shower. 2 students can share a single room.

Second Job:  Not allowed 
Additional Requirement: Small family operated concession business that is mobile; moves every week for 4 to 6 months across Ohio state. Every 4 hours employee gets a 15 minute break (or when needed). Business opens around 11am and closes around 11pm. Will work on rainy days as well. Some weeks there can be 1 whole or part of day off. Employer provides free washer and dryer for laundry (wash uniforms). There isn’t a lot of work to be done in June: the business is open on weekends and during the week everything is cleaned, washed and waxed; prepared for the summer season. Not more than 3 students should arrive before June 28th, the final start date.
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