Smart World Asia Co., Ltd.

Private Golf Club (New York)

Employer Information:
Type of Business: Private golf club
Employer Location: Sag Harbor,NY
Pay Rate: $7.50/hr.
Housing Cost: $0
Job Information:

Job Site:

Sag Harbor(New York)

Arrival Dates:

Program Length: 2 - 4 months

Position/Job Title:

Server, Bartender, Housekeeping

Starting Wage:

$7.50/hr. $500 bonus per student only if student works through Labor Day (September 7), has outstanding work performance and if housing is left in good condition. ALL details must be met to receive bonus.


$11.25/hr, for each additional hour worked after 40 hours per week.

English Skills Required:

Excellent English.

Gender Preference:

Both male and female.
Cost of housing: $0


Housing is provided by employer at no cost. The club rents a house shared by 6 students, located 1/2 mile from the club. Housing is a 4 bedroom house with 2 persons per room. There is no telephone and internet access in housing location.

Additional Requirement: Employee must be be friendly and hard working. Employee must also have excellent English skills as well as 2 years of bartending experience. Female only due to housing.
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