Smart World Asia Co., Ltd.

Summer Camp (Maine)

Employer Information:
Type of Business: Summer Camp
Employer Location: Fayette, ME
Pay Rate: $2,500 salary for 2 months
Housing Cost: $0
Job Information:

Job Site:

Fayette (Maine)

Arrival Dates:

June 1 or June 15
Program Length: 2 - 2 1/2 Months (August 15th is latest possible end date)

Position/Job Title:

Housekeeping Staff, Kitchen Staff, Laundry Staff, Rotating

Starting Wage:

Kitchen Staff, Laundry Staff, Rotating: $2,500 salary for 2 months, can be paid bi-weekly, monthly. Housekeeping Staff: Salary


1.5x wage after 40 hours, per state law. Overtime not available.

English Skills Required:

Must have good English.

Gender Preference:

Both male and female
Cost of housing: $0


Employer provides housing and 3 meals per day at no cost to employees. Shared cabins, with bathroom nearby, within walking distance. No telephone. Internet access available.

Additional Requirement: Must have good English, be able to follow directions well, have previous kitchen experience and be able to work well with others.
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